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Venus and Mar

2 Sinclair spouses are said to daughters of the Earl of Mar.
Elizabeth de Gartney married Henry de St. Clair. He is credited with living about 1100-1180.
I found this information here:
"The first mormaor of Mar whose name has come down to our day in a written document was Martachus, who in 1065 was witness to a charter of Malcolm Canmore in favour of the Culdees of Lochleven. His son, Gratnach, who about fifty years later witnessed the foundation charter of the monastery of Scone by Alexander I., appears to have been the first of the great hereditary rulers of Mar who bore the title of earl." This would be Elizabeth's father I would think.
Pete Cummings has a Margaret Marre marrying another Henry St.Clair, this one credited with living about 1190-1270.
He refers to her father as "Earl of Mar Marr".
This site http://www.dcs.hull.ac.uk/public/genealogy/royal/ has 2 Earls of Mar listed for this period. 
One is Morgund, 2nd Earl of Marr (died bef. March 30, 1183)(the site spelling), his son is Gilchrist, 3rd Earl of Mar (no dates provided)(again, the site spelling).
Any thoughts or comments?
Take care, Kevin