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Earls of Strathern

The Sinclair /Strathern connection is pretty strong, with at least 3 marriages credited.
As near as I can figure out, these are the Earls of Strathern. This list follows "The Cheyne Family in Scotland" found here:
I'd appreciate hearing from anyone with any documented list of the Earls.
Ferteth (a man of many spellings) His daughter Rosabel married Henry s/o the Seemly.
Malise (also 1st Stratherne Earl of Orkney) (Some sources say he is father of Isabella)
Malise (f/o Isabella who is the mother of the Earl formerly known as Prince Henry)(sorry, I couldn't resist)
Henry St.Clair (born about 1160) is credited with marrying Katherine, a daughter of the earl of Strathern. Anyone ever figure out which Earl?
One stray may also fit in here; the Rosabel who married William who died in Spain in 1330, as there was an earlier Rosabel. This is just a thought on my part.
Any thoughts or comments appreciated.It's a shame that as daughters were used a bargaining chips and to build or strengthen alliances, their names and parents weren't more carefully documented.
Take care, Kevin