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From "The Annals of Dunfermline"

>From the website  http://www.tulbol.demon.co.uk/dunfermline/annals10.htm  :

>1630. - WILLIAM SCHAW and the Mason Craft. - William (son of Willaim Schaw, 
>Master of Works to James VI.), and himself Master of Works to Charles I., 
>granted a charter to the general lodge, recognising Sir William Sinclair of 
>Roslin as patron and protector from age to age of their craft.  This 
>charter is attested by names of deacons and masters of the lodges of 
>several of the Royal burghs in 1630.  Among the signatures appears that of 
>Robert Alisone, one of the Masters of the Lodge of Dunfermline.  (Chal. 
>Hist. Dunf. vol. ii. p. 156.) 

- but don't be fooled into thinking things were civilised then...... here's

>SIX WITCHES BURNT AT THE WITCH-LOAN, and Two others Die in Prison. - >This
was a great witch-catching and witch-burning year in Dunfermline.   
>A staff of officials called, "witch-watchers" and "witch-catchers," had been 
>appointed early in 1643 to seize and put in ward (prison) all reputed 
>witches, in order that they might be tried for their "horrid and abominable 
>crime of witchcraft."  Accordingly, "a great many old shrivelled-up women, 
>with woe-begone countenances, were warded, and if any of them used the
>long staff in walking, so much the better for the catchers."

- gulp!


Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia
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