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Re: Hiram Sinclair

Dear Don,
Looked through several books on Hiram but didn't seem this family.
   However, My John Sinkler/Sinclear/St. Clair passed through Erie 1810,
Crawford 1820 counties PA and were in Geauga Co. -Perry twp. 1830 and 40.
Then his son that I was following went back to Crawford 1840 and went on to
WI by 1850 so did not more searching in Geauga.   But there were  brothers
with John named David, Joseph and Bradbury who was b. 1788Barnstead, NH d.
Marietta, IL.1857.  John had moved to Danville, VT between 1792 and 1798 so
there is a VT connection at least for him.   Whether his brothers or cousins
were there or not, I couldn't say.  John built mills and traveled from job
to job.

All of John and Joseph's children are known with no Hiram's among them.
Even Bradbury needs to be born earlier to be the father of Hiriam, I'm
afraid. No more info on David except he was a vet of war of 1812.  There
were other brothers but they are either out of the age range for sure, or
else went to WI and I know most of their descendants.  But the age on the
1850 census could be wrong.  Maybe it should be 42 and thus would be closer
to his wife's age.
     Just seemed interesting to have these two families in the same county.

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> Seeking Information on Hiram Sinclair and family. He is listed in Geauga
County Ohio 1850 Census, Hamblin Township.
> Hiram age 52 born Vermont.
> Polly age 38 Born New York.

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