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Re: Sinclairs/Sinkler of Stafford Co VA

Thanks, Sally,
The documentation is in my 1986 book, Sinkler-Sinclair-St. Clair:  A Family
History.  A complete chronology of court records documenting our branch and
information gathered after the 1986 book was published are in my UPDATE
1996.  Both are listed on my website at http://www.JeanGrigsby.com

My email address is jgrigsby@bcni.net

My address and phone number are on the website.

I will pass your message on to the researchers in the Tennell branch. You
gave John Homady's email address as aol.net.
Should that be aol.com?
Thanks for sending it.
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> A gentleman has sent me an email as a friend of a friend in hope that I
> might help him find the parents of an ancestor.
> "I have it that Margaret Sinclair b 1716 was married to Francis
> Tennille, Sr in 1740 in Stafford Co, VA. Do you know who her parents
> were? I am descended from Francis Tenille, Jr., who first married

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