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Sinclairs/Sinkler of Stafford Co VA

A gentleman has sent me an email as a friend of a friend in hope that I
might help him find the parents of an ancestor.
"I have it that Margaret Sinclair b 1716 was married to Francis
Tennille, Sr in 1740 in Stafford Co, VA. Do you know who her parents
were? I am descended from Francis Tenille, Jr., who first married

Jean Grigsby, I believe this is your family search area and perhaps you
have the answer. What I find on line is a little ambiguous.
I find a Margaret Sinclair, daughter of Alexander Sinkler and wife unk,
born 1719 who marries Francis Tennell 9 November 1740.  This much
information comes from the combination of Overwharton Parish Records and
Virginia Marriages before 1800. The information on Alexander Sinkler
wobbles into many confusing dates, a wife's name of Mary, and maybe 5
siblings with two different birth date records, all of which come from
individual searches.  Do you have this information on Margaret
Sinclair's parents, her real birth date and confirmation of her marriage
to Francis Tennille (Tennell/Tennill)?
The requestor is John Hornady  Chornao2@aol.net.  Sorry, i do not have
your email address.  Regards, Sally

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