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Re: Historical Accuracy - Firefighter Statue & Jarl Henry Memorial

You're welcome, John. There was a tremendous amount of concern over the
historical accuracy of the Henry St. Clair statue being constructed in Noss
Head, Scotland, and I have no problem with that.
Historical accuracy is important. I realize that this is of concern because
it affects our heritage at Clan Sinclair. But when I first heard of the
"Politically Correct", yet historically incorrect plans for the Firefighter
Memorial in Manhattan, I tied the two together mentally.
It seems that there are few among our Clan who give a flip about this
memorial. It is only proper that if one be right, the other be right. I am
not a racist, I am a student of history and genealogy, among other
interests. This also made me angry. I hope others on the list will see the
value of historical accuracy and get on board for this cause. Especially
those in the USA. I wonder how many of them have seen the story in the news.


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>Thanks Stan. I know when I heard about it, I was angry. A friend of mine
>happened to send me the site information last week.
>Pass it on.

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