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Ian of Noss is correct, correction

Please excuse me a draft went to this list rather than the finished note.
My note should have read:

Having completely accepted Ian of Noss interpretation of the Lord Lyon's
clerk's letter, I would still like to see the entire letter and know when it
was written,  The only near contemporary source, that names Zichmini as a
Prince is the Zeno narrative. If you accept Pohl's interpretation of
Zichmini as Henry, some people quite reasonably do not, Henry would fall
into  the 'Prince among men' category.

Neil's quote from Pohl "The man Earl Henry met on Fer Island always called
the Lord of the Isles the "Prince, as did Antonio Zeno also.  Since both
narrators of the subsequent career of our Henry were themselves noblemen, it
is safe to assume that they were correct in giving him that title."  Gives
rise to the question of the title 'Lord of the Isles' .  The title Lord of
the Isles was, I thought, reserved to the Clan Donald.

 Who carved the Westford Knight? Is it ancient or is it Native American or
is it a fake? David K Schafer, Curatorial Assistant for Archaeology at
Harvard's Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology claims that  supposed
carving of a 14th Century knight is nothing more than a "T" shaped engraving
(which may even have been created by two young boys in the late 1800s)
surrounded by glacial scratches and weathering marks. You can access this
report at; http://www.ramtops.demon.co.uk/westford.html

 Who built the Newport Tower?
 What do they have to do the Newport Tower and the Knight have to do  with
 Is the connection  Henry to Zichmini a safe assumption?

Henry Root bring up an interesting point about 'Henry the Holy'  I thought
this title was from the notoriously unreliable Fr Hay.


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