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RE: "Bob's my Uncle"

Strike me pink!  

Fair suck of the sav Charlotte you big sook, can't you understand us?
Rattle your dags and have a dekko at the following web pages.  She'll be

Many expressions given in the following pages aren't necessarily kiwi in
origin, some are british or australian.  Lots of Oz & Kiwi expressions are
used in both places, we have no trouble at all understanding each other.  We
claim pavlova as kiwi in origin but the Okkers keep trying to steal it off



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> Hello Charlotte and Y'all, I have read English novels - particularly of
> the generation previous to me. (1920s or so). "Bob's your Uncle" or some
> variation of that meant by connotaton, quickly, without thinking, or at
> least, my connotation of it.  English authors were writing for their own
> kind - and not for anyone who might else pick up the book.  Your

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