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Re: Announcement= Lauerl

Dear Donald;
I wanted to echo your fine sentiments about Laurel. She has touched many of
us as a through historian, a proud educator and a fine correspondent. A
couple of accolades are in order for the wide diversity of knowledge she
also brings to the table with a quiet sense of authority and grace, never
pompous, always open, ever gracious. I do have a habit of saving the emails
from her to review. I join you in extending a round of applause for Laurel.
You have a friend in Toronto. Thank you.
Neil Sinclair from Toronto

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> Most of us only know each other on-line. We are like brothers and sisters.
We like each other, then hate each other. We complain, then we console. I
have had the pleasure to meet Laurel in person. We agreed via E-mail to meet
at a resturant with our families in tow, just in case that the other person
on the other end of the line was some kind of nut. Laurel is a very pretty

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