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Re: Announcement

Most of us only know each other on-line. We are like brothers and sisters. We like each other, then hate each other. We complain, then we console. I have had the pleasure to meet Laurel in person. We agreed via E-mail to meet at a resturant with our families in tow, just in case that the other person on the other end of the line was some kind of nut. Laurel is a very pretty lady who sits straight up proper in her chair. She came with her PRINCE Henry medalion and a Sinclair tartan sash. She spoke eloquently and proudly of her imediate family and her forebearers. We had a wonderful dinner, but we began to bore the others with our stories of knights and castles. The evening was over before I knew it, we hugged and called each other cousin. 

So when I see an E-mail from Laurel, I picture her as I did that night, very proper, and dressed as a proud Sinclair (St. Clair). Thank you Laurel for all of your dedication to the family. You have a legacy, you have a friend in Indiana

Donald Sinclair, Indianapolis
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