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Re: Teamwork

Would you care to explain your statement. These are strong fighting words.
Are you looking for a battle (again) or have you simply had too much to
drink in the late hours of the night.

 If I am being too personal John, please strike me from the list. But before
I go I will have my say! I along with dozens of other Australian's cannot
even enjoy belonging to the Clan Sinclair Australian association because of
this type of nonsense that oozes from the upper ranks. I spend many hours a
week on researching Australian Sinclair's and I have offered to contribute
my findings to CSA and to help in anyway. I do not even get a reply and
others have told me that the Stokes organization does not want anything to
do with me because I am now associated with the "Enemy"  I guess it has now
been upgraded to "Devil".

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> Tim,
> Just remember " He who sups with the Devil needs a long spoon"
> Regards,
> jean

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