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Re: Fw: Teamwork ?

At 09:33 AM 14/01/02 -0600, John wrote:
>I'm removing both parties from the list immediately.

G'day John,

I don't want to stir up a hornet's nest, but it seems clear to me from the
addresses shown on Ian Sinclair's quote that the offending message was not
sent to the The Sinclair family discussion list (sinclair@quarterman.org),
but direct.   I therefore can find no justification for your action to
disbar anyone from this list.
If a direct e-mail offends someone, methinks they should take it up with
the offending party in a similar manner, i.e.; _directly_.

This is in no interpretation a voicing of support for the language used,
but it was obviously never the intention of the writer that I should view
that particular e-mail in the first place, nor indeed the bulk of this list. 

I must say also that given the fact that the message was "Cc'd" to our
chief seems to suggest to me that the writer has a dramatically different
viewpoint on language usage than perhaps does the receiver - and that is
their own particular perogatives, surely - in a _private_ e-mail exchange?

Just my opinion of course, but I would like to see your decision reversed
if possible!

Cheers from upsidedown land,

Ian Newman
Perth, Western Australia

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