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Change of subject

Dearest Family, It seems that since we have returned to Virginia some of my 
language has become very puzzling to my husband.  For example the other night 
I said "Bob's your uncle" meaning that it was simple or easy to do or 
understand.  Carl swears that he has never heard this used in this manner 
before, but I of course am on the other side of the fence.  Can any of our 
esteemed family help me out here?  By the way I agree that dismissal is far 
too severe for the use of foul language.  Possibly if we wish to swear at 
each other we could request the phone number of the other party and do it 
directly, thereby not involving poor John or those virgin ears who tend to be 
violated by a good hearty argument. I know how easy it is to send to the list 
rather than the individual intended having done this only last week.  Help me 
out on old Bob if you can and best to all of you, Charlotte Gellis
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