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Re: Hello and LOL (was: Snow Storms)

At 08:57 AM 09/01/02 -0500, Sally Spangler wrote <snipped>:
>I have a correction of my own - whisky instead of whiskey.  Whiskey in
>America is the cheap stuff, whether bourbon, rye, scotch, gin, blended
>or straight as in Southern Comfort. That makes me shudder to think of

When I cast my eye quickly over what I had written, I looked at that word.....
and I was SUSPICIOUS!   

Now normally, when suspicious, I grab my Chambers dictionary (note the
Edinburgh connection there) and check,  but that time I must've been in
somewhat of a rush because I promptly hit the "send" button, and it was on
its way into cyberspace before you could say "look that up in your Funk &
Wagnells".  There was no stopping it.  My apologies.

Thank you Sally for the correction - after that marvellous explanation, I
don't see myself making the same error twice!


Ian Newman
Perth, downunder
- where we really _can_ spell ...... when we try ...   honest!
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