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Re: 12 tribes

Dear Stanley & Judy:

The big questions must begin with this one:  What IS the Grail?

Is it the cup Jesus used at the Last Supper?  Is it the cup that was used to
collect his blood on the cross?  Are both the same cup?  If either, what would
it have been made of?  Would it have been a substance meant to survive down
through the ages?  Or is it not a cup?  Is it perhaps symbolic of a bloodline
"prudently" hidden for that time being, and "guarded" for the future?  Or is
the Grail not a cup. Could the Grail be symbolic of "Gnosis," or a knowledge
hidden with a similar prudence?  Or the true identity of a God -- any God?  Who

Whatever the Grail is, the "Grail Legends" have been presented to us in ways
that few would deny were meant to make us "wonder," on and on.  From the time
they were written, the wonder has not stopped.  And to me that is the most
significant thing of all.

It doesn't matter what the Grail IS for now.  If the IDEA of the Grail makes us
question and seek, then that idea of the Grail, shoehorned into the "official"
annals of the past, has done what it was meant to do: make SOME of us "wonder

It is by no means impossible (given the way "official" history has continued to
remain accepted "gospel" over the two most recent millenia) that we who
continue to "seek beyond" may ultimately find ourselves facing a wall of lies
manufactured from well above "our station."  But I think and hope the care (and
often the heroism) that has been taken to lead us down a different path makes
that scenario unlikely.  If you are told that there are two paths open to you,
and that only one of those two paths leads to the Truth, which would you choose
--  which would YOU be willing to lay down your life for?  I would hope I could
answer for you, with confidence.  I would hope that the Truth would once again
begin to 'Conquer All."

All Best!

Jeff Nisbet

PS: If you continue this thread, please copy me at my home address
(jeffnpat@nis.net).  This is my last Email to the list for the time being.  I
have another article to write, and progress on my book has slowed to a crawl.
There are also some personal commitments to which I must attend.  In the
meantime I'd like to thank all the clanmembers for a fascinating and most
interesting year on the list.  I hope to return when I am farther along "the
way," and I am happy to continue corresponding with any of you on an individual

"Stanley St. Clair" wrote:

> Dear Judy,
> Once again I may be of help to you in shedding light on varying beliefs on
> this subject. Some may not comment because of the clashing differences of
> opinion (although I can't see that that has stopped this bunch much) and the
> depth to which this subject cuts in some circles.
> There are several factions which believe in what is known as "British
> Isrealism". The teaching that all the natives of Europe, the white race, are
> not of Japhetic origin, as has been traditionally broadcast by the Church,
> but are Semetic, or of Noah's son, Shem, the ancestor of Abraham, Isaac, and
> Jacob, or Isreal. This doctrine was widely broadcast worldwide in the  '50s
> and '60s by Herbert W. and Garner Ted Armstrong, and the "Worldwide Church
> of God". Since the ouster

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