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Re: 12 tribes

Dear Judy,
Once again I may be of help to you in shedding light on varying beliefs on
this subject. Some may not comment because of the clashing differences of
opinion (although I can't see that that has stopped this bunch much) and the
depth to which this subject cuts in some circles.
There are several factions which believe in what is known as "British
Isrealism". The teaching that all the natives of Europe, the white race, are
not of Japhetic origin, as has been traditionally broadcast by the Church,
but are Semetic, or of Noah's son, Shem, the ancestor of Abraham, Isaac, and
Jacob, or Isreal. This doctrine was widely broadcast worldwide in the  '50s
and '60s by Herbert W. and Garner Ted Armstrong, and the "Worldwide Church
of God". Since the ouster
of Garner Ted, and the death of his father, this body has recanted on this
belief, but it is still held in highest esteem by millions of adherents
around the world. Among these is an organization known as British  Isreal
World Federation located at 8 Blades Ct., Deodar Rd, London.
This group and others, such as the Church of Jesus Christ, Latter Day
Saints, trace their ancestry to Isreal through the 10 Lost Tribes. There are
many compelling evidences that the SInclair/ St. Clairs decend from both
Judah and Dan.

There is also a belief, which first came to international acclaim in "Holy
Blood, Holy Grail" (Hotly debated on this list) that we descend from a
marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdelene. (Don't believe everything in print).

I have geneology charts verified through paper records, books of history,
and royal databases that my great-great grandmother St. Clair, Sara Lee, a
descendant of John Garner and Susanna Keen, was descended from the nobile
lines of Europe. This line is the interlocking dynasty which claims to have
been the "Guardians of the Grail".

I could go on and on, since I have done extensive research on the subject,

As always,

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Date: Thursday, January 10, 2002 10:45 AM
Subject: 12 tribes

I've been reading about the 12 tribes of Israel and how they spread out
(always my search on religion)...Does this affect us in any way

as always judy

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