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Re: Arthur St. Clair

Peyton Randolph, was elected President of the Contential Congress 5
September 1774. He resigned as President of the Contential Congress to
resume his duties as speaker of the Virginia House of Burgesses.  After the
adjournment of the Burgesses he returned to the congress at Philadelphia.He
was reelected President of the Contential Congress He served for only two
weeks and on 24 May 1775 left for his hometown to preside at the Third
Virginia Convention, called by Governor Lord Dunmore. Randolph died five
months later.

The first matter to be considered by the Contenial Congress was "A Plan of
Union of Great Britain and the Colonies," but a conflict in Boston overcame
the effort at conciliation. The Plan of Union was discarded by a narrow
margin. On 14 Oct 1774, the Declaration and Resolves established the course
of the congress, which then voted to meet again the following year if these
grievances were not attended to by England. During the meeting of Congress
on 22 Oct 1774, it was announced that Peyton Randolph relinquished the
office "being unable to attend, on account of indisposition." In fact, he
left the Congress to attend the session of the Virginia House of Burgesses.

The ' Presidential lists cover three distinct times in American history. (1)
Contential Congress of the United Colonies, before Independence was won, (2)
after Independence the United States in Congress Assembled and lastly (3)
after the Constitution.


REF Journals of the Continental Congress--In Thirty-Four Volumes
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