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Re: Knights Templar suppression

Dear Sinclair:

Calm down!

The term "minimally invasive" could be better understood as the difference
between quadruple bypass surgery and a simple balloon catheterization.  The
former would be "extremely invasive," while the latter, BY COMPARISON, would
be "minimally invasive."  A minimally invasive investigation into the site at
Temple, subject of course to other suggestions when the time for that
investiagion got somewhat on its way, would have entailed mortar samples from
both above and below the inscribed stone (and also from select other parts
lower on the ruin) -- nothing that couldn't be patched up BETTER than it was
before.  Analysis of organic matter present in the mortar would then be
conducted with the same care that was taken when the infamous "shroud" was
analyzed -- more than one analysis by labs with no axe to grind, as well as
Historic Scotland's lab.   Such a minimally invasive investigation might
reveal the "verifiable evidence" that some might require.  NOT a likely

I have a theory about Nostradamus but, as I've said, you'll have to wait for
the book.  The influence of the "stars" are another matter.  I'm willing to
talk about the stars as they relate to my Battle of Bannockburn article if,
and when, anyone besides myself finds the subject interesting enough to talk
about.  I'm also willing to quote chapter and verse about the several other
Sinclair witches I BRIEFLY listed at the end of my witchcraft post a while
back.  I was personally not surprised that no one on the Sinclair discussion
list asked me to elaborate more on them (I have quite a bit more
documentation).  Members of clan genealogy groups quite typically (and sadly
quite naturally) want to connect their own thin lines back to the bright
lights of history, and have little use for what might be found in darker
corners of the wider, and ultimately more important paths of history.

All Best!


Sinclair wrote:

>  What is "minimally invasive".  America sounds like Nostradamus.  Could he
> have been influenced by the 'Stars'?
> Sinclair
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