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Books about Prince Henry Sinclair


    Recently someone asked about books about Prince Henry Sinclair that are 
available in the United States.  Here are some books about him:

            Pohl, Frederick J.  Prince Henry Sinclair.  NY, NY: Clarkson N. 
Potter, Inc.  
                 1974. (The author is deceased.)

            Sinclair, Andrew. The Sword and the Grail.  NY, NY: Crown 
Publishers, Inc.

            White, Richard W.  Sword of the North.  Ottawa, IL:  Jameson 
Books, Inc.
               1983.  This is a novel about Prince Henry Sinclair and his 
voyage to North 
               America in 1398.

        As of September 2001 the above three books are out of print in the 
United States.  They may be taken out of libraries in the United States.  
They may be purchased from:

                   Mr. Ian Sinclair
                   Noss Head Light House
                   Near Wick
                   Caithness KW1 4QT
                   United Kingdom

                   E-mail:  iansinclair@nosshead.freeserve.co.uk

             Finnan, Mark.  The Sinclair Saga.  Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada: 
                Publishing Company, Limited, 1999.  May be ordered from 
Barnes and 
                Noble Bookstores.  Their Internet website is:
                          www.barnes and noble.com

            Fowler, Elaine Sinclair.  Who was the Scottish Medieval Knight 
Prince Henry
            Sinclair?  A children's book.  Price $6.95.  You may also 
purchase from her 
            a teacher's curriculum guide for children about Prince Henry 
Sinclair.  Price 
            $7.95.  These books may be ordered from:  Elaine Sinclair Fowler, 
P. O.            
            Box 11, South Hero, Vermont, 05486.  Telephone: (802) 372-4557.  
            address: esf@together.net

            The following books each contain  chapters about Prince Henry 

            Boland, Charles Michael.  (He died in 1971.)  They All Discovered 
               NY, NY: Doubleday, 1961.  Out of print in United States.  
Available in
               libraries in United States.

            Bruce, Duncan A.  The Mark of the Scots.  Secaucus, New Jersey, 
               Publishing Group: 1996.

           Bruce, Duncan A.  The Scottish 100.  Carroll & Graf Publishers, 
Inc., NY; 
               N.Y. 2000.

       I have personally read all of these books.  I would recommend them to 
anyone who would like to learn about Prince Henry Sinclair and his historic 
voyage to North America in 1398 A.D.


Susan M. Grady
Virginia Commissioner
Clan Sinclair Association, U.S.A.