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a couple of short replies

Thank you Tim, I'm not sure who would fund a teaching seminar, but that
some of us might be able to attend one of your lectures which would be
nice, especially, since I for one, would like to meet you.

Rowan Tree - is of the botanical name Pyrus Americana, "This slender and
graceful tree, which grows from 15-30 feet high is common in swamps and
cold mountain woods throughout the northern US - Maine to Minesota,
southward following the Alleghany mountains to North Carolina",  when in
bloom looks almost what we here in America call a "summac"(family Rhus)
The quote is from F. Schuyler Matthews book, "Familiar Trees"  If you go
to find a Mountain Ash/Rowan - be sure to ask the nurseryman for the
tree by its latin name - Pyrus Americana
Ash - is the botanical name Fraxinus, family of Quercus (oak)

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