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Re: Prince & Jarl

HRH Prince Philip's Duke of Edinburgh   paternal name is Oldenburg...

His complete surname was von
Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderborg-Augustenborg-Beck, the territorial ducal
dignity of the branch of the Oldenburgs raised to the Danish throne in 1863
for lack of male heirs in that family and, in the person of Prince William
of Denmark, second son of King Christian IX, to the Greek throne a few years
later.  William, became George I of the Hellenes, was his paternal

Prince Philip became a British citizen near the end of WWII to obtain
promotion in the Royal Navy (at that time aliens highest available rank was
lieutenant).  Philip was offered a British H.R.H. he refused it wanting to
be promoted on his own merits.  Philip suggested using the Anglicised
surname "Oldcastle" from the German "Oldenburg".  The College of Heralds
objected.  His impending marriage to Princess Elizabeth, now Queen, in 1947
made a surname for him imperative.   Louis Mount batten, Prince Philip's
uncle suggested "Mount batten," The name was adopted allegedly neither Queen
Mary nor the present Queen Mother was particularly happy about it.

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> I have been studying a lot of literature for the last couple of days in
> order to find out anything about Henry being a Duke of Oldenburg and as
> per today I have not found anything to verify that statement. I will
> keep on looking for yet some time and I will let you know as soon as I
> know anything.

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