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Re: The Tattoo, and Sinclair on TV

Nice one! If you can make it to Otta next August you'll see more fine
examples of Scots and Norwegians making fine music together!

Did you know that the Norwegian Royal Guard stayed in Edinburgh for the
Tattoo rather than return for their Royal Wedding in August?  The band that
played for the Crown Prince and Mette Marit had to be raised and trained for
the occasion.  The Tattoo had been booked first and the Norwegians kept
their commitment.



please visit www.sinclairsclub.net for details of Otta in August each year!

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> Just viewed the Edinburgh Tattoo a couple of nights ago - unsure just when
> it was recorded, but wasn't it great to see the Scots and Norwegians
> with many others of course!) playing great music together?

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