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Zeno Narrative

Greetings Sinclair,

You noted: "...Perhaps it is only Zeno and other Italians who used the title
in their narrative where they refer to the mysterious Prince of the north.
The Narrative was written by Nicolo Zeno's descendents 200 years after
Henry's death   Were they blowing their family horn by claiming to be
associated with a Prince?"

Of course I don't know but I strongly suspect that there was a hidden body
of knowledge that was secret at that time and kept fairly clear over a long
period easily covering the 200 year gap you've noted. It was coded as the
Zeno Narrative and was a "mystery writing" much as St. Brendan's narrative
was coded for the same reasons. This "code" is easily (but involves work)
correlated with the widely understood spiritual dynamics of illumination
found in all major religions across time. (We understand it quite well today
although the experts are Eastern for the most part.) This does not say that
both narratives were not also historical but they can't be read as simple
history: they are firstly meta-physical before they are physical. In this
respect the body of knowledge was kept both secret and clear.

I'm quite sure that Henry and earlier Sinclair Templars knew the codes since
they appear in their geometry used in temples and telluric systems. These
same geometric codes are found in the Zeno Narrative chart. They use the
Golden Ratio combined with the 26.3 degree "Christ/Bethlehem" angle
correlated with Grail dynamics and in this same context... so I believe...
in the engrailed cross in the Sinclair Shield. When this geometry is found
we also can interpret the functions of the "non existent" islands off the
eastern coast of Iceland and also the strange island of ICARIA. (Icaria
connects with the rhombic form containing 28 points apparently used as a
benchmark orienting the whole thing.)

I had not realized any of this until I saw the Narrative and chart at
Niven's Henry Symposium several years ago in Orkney; the presenters did not
approach it as a mystery writing. It was only obvious to me since I'd done
much of this kind of work with scripture, I wouldn't expect it of the
typical academician and its rare enough in a cleric. The geographic nature
of the Chart is one template but it is integrated with a spiritual template
using geometrically expressed terms in organizing or "charting" energy and

It would take a task group to finally translate and interpret the Narrative
and its chart, including someone who knows Latin roots and
Portuguese/Italian. The group would also have to know the spiritual codes. I
doubt that this will be done although there are people presently around with
those abilities.

In any event we know enough of it to be able to connect Henry's work with
the Narrative through the similar energetics. I personally have no problem
in accepting the idea that the Narrative is the basic history of the
expedition but more importantly it describes the state of being and
illumination demanded of the Navigator(s) and some of the voyagers who would
establish the Grail colony in Nova Scotia.

Seasons' Blessings,


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