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diversity and discernment


In this season Ramadan has just ended with the feast of Eid al Fitr,
shortly after Bodhi Day celebrating the englightenment of the Buddha,
and Chanukah observing the rededication of the Temple by the Maccabees,
before Yule, the ancient winter solstice festival, and Christmas,
with soon Kwanzaa, Guru Gobind Singh's Birthday, and Shivaratri.

And four years ago this discussion list began.

To quote from a source you'll probably all recognize:

Eomer: `The world is all grown strange.
 Elf and Dwarf in company walk in our daily fields;
 and folk speak with the Lady of the Wood and yet live;
 and the Sword comes back to war that was broken in the long ages
 ere the fathers of our fathers rode into the Mark! 
 How shall a man judge what to do in such times?'

Aragorn: 'As he ever has judged.
 Good and ill have not changed since yesteryear;
 nor are they one thing among Elves and Dwarves
 and another among Men.
 It is a man's part to discern them,
 as much in the Golden Wood
 as in his own house.'


Eomer: `Do we walk in legends
 or on the green earth in the daylight?'

Aragorn: 'A man may do both.
 For not we but those who come after
 will make the legends of our time.
 The green earth, say you?
 That is a mighty matter of legend,
 though you tread it under the light of day!'

In diversity is discernment.  I thank you all for
bringing your backgrounds, viewpoints, and opinions
here to the mud puddle in the middle of the cow pasture.
Let our words and deeds be worthy of legend.

John S. Quarterman <jsq@quarterman.org>
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