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A new book with lots of Sinclairs

"Shetland Documents, 1580-1611" edited by John H. Ballantyne & Brian
For whatever reason that Sir William Sinclair gave up the Earldom of
Orkney and Shetland (the newest was that he was attained after the
rising of 1715), there were still many Sinclairs on Shetland. For
7 July 1582 - "Disposition by Culberne Ormesone of Symbuster of Quhalsay
with consent of Jehannes Culbenesone his eldest son, and Christiane and
Marioun of Cumbenisdochters, for thier interest, to LorD Robert, earl of
Orknaye, lord Yetland, .........land...of Symbuster in the isle of
Quhalsaye, with reservation  ........
Culbene and Jehannes sign with their hands led at the pen of Malcolme
Sinclare, vicar of Dunrosnes and notary public."  (and then the
witnesses are named, no Sinclaires)
Two pages over from there finds the names of Williame Sinclair of Uyea
for spoliation ; disposition of 1 12/ merks of land "to an honourable
man and their good friend Hew Sinclair of Burghe.....in Sandveik in the
isle of Quhalsay."
"Assignation by Mr. Robert Chene of Wyrie to .....Lourence Bruce of
Cultemalyndeis of a wadsett (mortgage) by Eduard Sinclair ....until
Eduard pays 14 angel nobels"(an Englaish coin worth about 10 merks)
Malcolm Sinclair shows up in the next paragraph along with his son Hew
Sinclair of Burght and the whole thing is witnessed, among others by
Eduard Sinclar.
At the bottom of the same page "Croce Kirk of Dunrossness , 28 October
1583  - "Disposition by Henry Magnusson of Voe to Arthur Sinclair of
Aith of 3 mark (8d) in Hosweil in Dunrossness. Seals: Lawrence Sinclair
of Goit, James Sinclair of Brow "(and others).  That is all in all three
The book comes from The Shetland Times Today Bookshop.  "For Shetland,
Orkney and Scottish titles:  www.shetland-bookshop.co.uk and for 250,000
general interest titles:  http://shetlandtoday.seekbooks.co.uk. I paid 7
pounds plus shipping, came to a little more than 13 lbs.(don't have your
L sign)  There are two titles on Zetlanders who went to New Zealand.
Nosshead - do you have this book?  Sally

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