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Re: Stanley St Clair's faith

Spirituality is the very foundation of all the great religions; it prevades
them all and then transcends them.

The difference between spirtuality and religion was once summed up by a
Jesuit in the following terms:

Sprituality is the fresh spring water of God's love for all creation which
arises near the mountaintop, runs downwards and refreshes amd sustains all
it touches. Religion is the man-made plumbing - well intentioned, but it
often tries to force the spirng-water up-hill and usually runs it past your
butt without the benifit of a faucet. Being man-made it always polutes the
water. When in doubt go back to the spring.

Spirituality was also defined by an American Sufi master, Sheik Ragip
Frager, in more or less the following terms:

Spirituality is a river which descended to earth through Adam - May God
grant him peace. It was refreshed by the prophets Abraham, Moses and Jesus -
May God grant them peace. It was sustained by the great prophet Mahommed -
may his name be blessed and may God grant him peace. It is a river which
knows no boundaries in space, time or culture, yet, understandably, each
race, each creed and each culture claims it for its own.
This river arises in your heart dear brothers and sisters, sit by its
healing waters, bath in them and go with the flow, forthe river, like love,
leads directly to God.

My thanks to you all on the lsit for another stimulating year of provative
and interesting discussion. May God bless you all and keep you well in this
season of goodwill and throughout the coming year.

Best wishes


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