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Re: John Walker

Dear Jeff,

You released some very personal and thought-provoking feelings. It certainly
makes all of us think about the views and opinions of others who may have
been reared in different environs from ourselves. I have been an American
all of my life, a nineth generation American born Sinkler/ St. Clair. The
views of my ancestors has greatly varied through the past 300+ years. The
affiliations of politics and religion have changed with the times.

Your experience in the Church is not uncommon. I have experienced similar
feelings about the views of other "Christians". However, by  study and
comparison of religions, I have doned a deep personal faith which has drawn
me to God rather than away. I have found that there are broader absolute
truths in spite of the narrow-minded clamor of those who believe that if if
you don't fit their mold you are "Hell Bound". Christ has become very real
to me on a personal basis. Religion IS PERSONAL.

As for Walker, I suppose we Americans must all think deeply in our hearts,
and decide how we would want the situation handled if he were our son.

Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all!

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>Dear All:
>I said in a previous post that I'd say something about John Walker by
>the weekend, and so this is going to be itóbut I promise to end on the
>subject of whisky.  So many of you have already started pouring the

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