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Re: More Questions than Answers

Tim Wallace-Murphy wrote:

> I suspect that we have sown dragons teeth aplenty.

My assessment is very different.  As a result of the very focused,
judicious, and limited use of military power by the US and their allies, the
war is essentially over, Afghanis are celebrating, expatriates are streaming
back into their country, and a new government is about to take power.  All
within roughly 2 1/2 months of the start of the fruitless discussions with
the Taliban regarding the peaceful delivery of bin Laden and associates to
the coalition.

The speed and thoroughness with which this was done will give pause even to
the more wild-eyed terrorist types in the Middle East.

The speed and thoroughness with which this was done will give even more
pause to the potentates that rule in the Middle Eastern countries that still
harbor terrorists.

Net outcome: life will get much harder for terrorists.

On the other hand, the distinct improvement in the quality of life for the
Afghanis (that we will see in the coming months) will encourage moderates in
the Middle East to rethink their assumptions regarding the implacable
animosity of the West, much as US aid to the defeated Germany and Japan
eventually changed their attitudes.

If you think of Middle Easterners as having a "culture of negotiation",
these changes amount to powerful argument for peace.  Perhaps not dissimilar
to the Mafia's "Let me make you an offer that you can't refuse", but equally

The dragon's teeth are planted deep in dry, stony soil!


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