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Re: St. Clairs

Jean...you have made my Christmas...I have long suspected that Nathan was
her father, but really couldn't put her there. also did have that Davis's
had married Sinclair's, but again could not put together.

I will put my stuff together and smail it to you after Xmas....getting
ready to go to Georgia for the Holidays. Thanks Aileen
On Sat, 15 Dec 2001 20:15:05 -0800 "Jean Grigsby" <jgrigsby@bcni.net>
> Aileen,
> I suspect your Frances is a descendant of Nathaniel and Rachel.  The 
> name
> Granville is a family name in that branch.  In scanning my book I do 
> not see
> Frances but since she migrated, she could very well have not been 
> recorded.
> Descendants of this branch have done a wonderful job of documenting 
> this
> branch and we now have it documented back to ca. 1700 or actually 
> about
> 1688.

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