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Re: Witch Hunts, etc.


     My husband, Dr. A. Dane Bowen, Jr.'s mother's maiden name was Laura 
Sanders Way (Mrs. Adelphia Dane, Bowne, Sr.). Her Way ancestor, Henry Way 
came from Bridport, England with his wife and children to Dorchester, 
Massachusetts (today a part of Boston) on the ship Mary and John in 1630.  
Henry Way was a fisherman.  His son Aaron Way was a farmer near Salem Village 
(now Danvers, Massachusetts).   In 1689 someone said that a Mr. Wilkins was a 
witch and that he caused Aaron Way's infant daughter to die.  Aaron Way and 
his relatives did not believe this.  They went to the home of Reverend John 
Parrish, the minister in Salem, and said there were no witches.  Aaron way 
condemned the witchcraft hysteria.  Aaron Way died several years later.  His 
widow, his children, and two of his widow's brothers all left Massachusetts 
in disgust becuase of the witch trials and went to settle in Dorchester, 
South Carolina, uprvier from Charleston, where they received land grants.


Susan M. Grady
Alexandria, Virginia