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RE: More Questions than Answers

To Sinclair and all who are involved in this discussion:

I am Mrs. Kyler and not my husband Dana Kyler, I do not participate in any
discussions on politics, government or religion.  I never have and never
will.  If it weren't for the fact that my husband enjoys the discussions
that are bantering back and forth, I would have unsu bscribed a long time
ago.  When I first signed on this list, I found it very informative and
interesting; I now find it to be nothing more than annoying email.  I
delete, sometimes before my husband has a chance to read it.  Occasionally I
do find something of genealogical or historical interest, but of late very

The Holiday season is upon us and I for one would appreciate a much lighter
discussion than this.  I realize that everyone everywhere was in someway
affected by the events of Sept. 11, 2001, and have a right to their
opinions, but enough is enough.  We have the picture of where those involved
in this debate stand.  I have friends whose brothers, cousins, sisters and
children are involved directly with this conflict.  My own daughter is at
risk of being pulled into the conflict if it is not resolved soon.  My
opinions are my own and yours are yours, no one will ever agree on how to
resolve this or who is right or wrong in their opinion.  Actually, no one is
right or wrong in his or her opinion as it is only an opinion.  So let's
agree to disagree and move forward.  I for one need to move on and attempt
to enjoy the Holidays despite the tragedies that have befallen us if for no
other reason than to heal the wounds that were so deeply etched into our
lives this past year.

Wishing you all a Peaceful Holiday Season,

Barbara Kyler
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