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Re: sinclair-digest V2 #693

I have been reading all the arguements, back and forth.  I am more interested 
in finding my Sinclair ancestors.  I am at a brick wall and I hope maybe 
someone can point me in the right  direction.  The facts I have, and proven 
1 John Sinclair, b. abt. 1750, Scotland, wife unknown, place unknown, 
migrated to CO. Armagh, Ireland.  Time unknown.  Had two sons, Alexander and 
William, both born in Co. Armagh.  Both migrated to the US in 1810.
2. William (mine), married Sarah Hayes, dau. of Thomas Hayes, CO. Armagh IR.
They had several children in Ireland, and after arriving in the US, had 
several more.
The settled in Woodsfield, Monroe CO, OH, and also across the river in 
Wheeling West Virginia.  They were also in Belmont CO and Columbiana CO. 
3. William (mine) was one of the younger children. He was born in Woodsfield, 
OH in 1818.  He married Emily Susan Taylor, b. 1824, VA, dau. of Hampton and 
Charlotte (Rector) Taylor.  They also came to Belmont CO. Ohio.
(His brother, John was the father of Harry Ford Sinclair, of the Teapot Dome 
Scandal).    Some of the  other siblings were Lydia, Thomas, Eleanor, 
Western, Susan, Sarah and Alexander.  Several Attorneys and Dr. or 
Pharmacists in this family, along with political posts.
4. James Hampton Sinclair, b. 1853, Woodsfield, Monroe CO. Ohio.  The family 
then moved to Sylvester and Juda, in Green CO. WI.  He married Sarah Ann 
Witmer in Juda in 1874, then with the Witmer family, moved to Grant City, 
Worth CO. MO.  James was also an attorney.  

Does any one know of any of these people?  I have found several Sinclairs in 
CO. Armagh, Johns, Alexander, and Williams and I have no idea where in 
Scotland they came from.   James was my grgrandfather.   Thanks,  Jean Mangan,
 Spokane, WA