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New things from Africa


I glanced at an interesting book here yesterday on your old Regiment by John Nunneley;
"Tales from the Kings African Rifles" (1998) Cassell
& Co 125 Strand London. A short chapter on your friend,
the famed hunter and snake catcher, Ionnaides, is included.
I cannot say if you are mentioned, or  the snake named after you ( Sinclair Viper),
but feel certain that you will enjoy the book if you have not already got
hold of it.

I have been working on a silver hilted basket hilted broad sword as a millenium
memento for some time, and through the kind aid of Bill Buehler, who to
my mind is leading a renaissance in sacred geometry, we are developing
the engraving to be shown on the blade. The engraving will include Scythian,
Pictish, Norse, Christian, Gnostic  and Scottish symbols, as well as family related 
engraving. Break lines and other geometrical design are being used, and I hope
that William Sinclair of Rosslyn would understand the language the sword is couched in.
Bills' help, depth of thought, and  knowledge is such that I am collecting his thoughts entitled
"The Sword Eiros- Letters from Bill Beuhler"  and will bind these, and a copy
of the book is planned to go to Noss Head.

Mark Anderson