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Re: Red Douglas and Black Douglas

At 19:53 12/12/01 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Mr. Sinclair,
>     Thank you very much for the information about the Douglas family.  If 
> you
>would like, I would be glad to send you the name and mailing address of the
>Washington Post newspaper in Washington, D.C. so that you could send to them
>a "Letter to the Editor" saying that the Clan Douglas does not have African
>ancestors.  I contacted the Clan Douglas and they completely agree with what
>you stated.
>      The Encyclopedia Britannica says that in the 3rd Century B.C. the Celts
>moved into Spain, Italy and France  because other tribes were attacking them
>from the East.  Around 280 B.C. they entered Turkey and ended up in the

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]

The Celts were also in America as my recent visit to Ontario, Quebec, Nova 
Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut established.  I found 
burial grounds, dolmens and ogham inscriptions everywhere.  History is 
under our feet.
It is in the faces of the people we meet.  It is in the language we 
speak.  The written word
is suspect because Church and State alike have fed us with misinformation 
for thousands
of years.

The Celts were great sailors.  The Vikings learned their sea-faring skills 
from the
Celts whose arrival on the American Continent pre-dated the Vikings.

I shall leave it to the Clan Douglas to write to the Washington  Post.  It 
would have
more authority coming from 'the horse's mouth'

Kind regards,


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