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Hoosierland celebrates Indiana Day Greetings to the Sinclairs around the world

       Greetings to All:

       Today is Indiana's Admission Day, a big day for Hoosiers.  Our state 
is 185 years old today. The Governor up held the law by once again issuing 
the Proclamation for Indiana Day.

       It began in 1811 as a petition to Congress for admission.  The 
original petition got lost in the shuffle due to the War of 1812.  But then, 
in 1815 another petition was sent to Congress.  This time Congress acted and 
President Madison signed the enabling act in April 1816.  After the first 
Indiana Constitutional Convention in June of 1816, Indiana officially became 
a state on Dec. 11 when Madison signed the Congressional resolution formally 
admitting Indiana into the Union.  Indiana's population at the time was a 
mere 63,000 residents.

       Today, Indiana is the Crossroads of America.  Although in area it is 
the smallest state west of the Appalachians (except for Hawaii), it is an 
important state for manufacturing, agriculture, and transportation.  Hoosiers 
are proud of their state's history and heritage.

       Let Hoosiers always remember this important day in our history.

       Best Wishes to All,    Ivan of Trafalgar
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