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Re: Texas Grasshopper

three years ago i took my daughter to visit my mom in Hempstead, Texas.  Mom
took us to a park and you could not walk anywhere with out them being there.
since my daughter does not like bugs...she freaked out a little bit.  and to
this day she does not want to go back.  hahahahahahahaha

Carter, Judy G (Judy) wrote:

> During the summer (I live in East Texas and work in Dallas. Mel doesn't
> know how close he is) you can walk outside and
> they are looking at you while eating on my Rose of Sharon's and
> eveything else that is green..I then get brave enough to chase them off
> and the war is on..Needless to say I encourage the birds to come and
> build there residences in the tree's..I've heard you can eat them but
> don't think I would attempt the delicay...
> as always
> Judy

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