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General response - Templars

Jeff, and some others, To me the Knights of the Temple died with the
death of the organization so many centuries ago.  It is now a Masonic
organization as part of the York Rite. The mystical is not for me, fun
to read, but hard to visualize. The more mystical parts of the Christian
religion for the same reason are hard to swallow whole. So if I don't
respond to the mystical, please forgive, I respect your ideas, but do
not join with you. Now, if you want to delve into the very real - a
person may not be born unless he/she has parents and then attempt to
find those parents of 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th centuries, when records
could be very spotty, if at all other than the family itself retaining
record of children being born - now That! is the hunting ground!

To the people looking for Virginia Sinclairs - there are at least three
within the Northern Virginia area, where are you looking?   Warmest
regards, Sally

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