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RE: New Topic

Jeff and to all,

Over time I have had my views challenged on various issues, yet the critics
offer no better model to explain what occurred.
Look there always critics who are quick to tell you that you are wrong!
And very slow to explain just why that is...

Without bringing further commotion into the discussion, I say let it go, as
energies need to be be focused upon your own paths of discovery.

On a more positive topic and an aside to the above: it reminds me, sometime
ago we discussed the Gunn Shield image at Oak Island etc...is it there? Is
it not?  Nothing was found by some on this list who went searching for it.
Are there other structures, markings and such to link to Prince Henry or the
Templars at Oak Island?
Rob Cohen, if your there...I noticed the Sinclair Page on Oak Island, would
you be able suggest who you think created the structure, and whether the
Templars were there, or was it someone else.  And if someone else, did they
co-operate with Prince Henry?  Certainly the Zeno narative and account;
indicates Sinclair involvement in the region.
Oak Island may not have been created by Prince Henry, but it is strange that
someone who resided in these regions for a year or two (and we await TWM's
book for more insight) should have had some relationship to those who did
occupy these sites?
Do you not?

Well worth some more discussion...

Kindest Regards
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