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Re: More Questions than Answers

The oer and efficiency of oral tradition as a means of transmission, is one
that transecends cultures. From my personal perspective, as our readers
would know, we have a great respect for oral tradition, myth and legend as a
good starting point for any investigation. Esed with discernment and
analysis it often can act as a signpost to reliable evidence which can
verify the accuracy of the transmission. All of our works have benefitted by
this approach.

For those who mistakenly believe that we do not approve of speculation, then
may I siggest a re-reading of all of our work. We speculate quite freely,
but differentiate between reasoned speculation, based upon evidence and/or
tradition, and verifiable facts.

Oral tradition gave us the Bible (Old Testament) Masonic traditions and
teavhings, the Sufi tradition and what little we know of the Druidic
beliefs - I could cite many more examples, but, as Rory has written, its
influence on music has been enormous, particularly on the Celtic tradition.
As Celts we spring from an oral culture and all our traditions, mysths and
history was transmitted in this way and only started to takewritten form
about the 6th Century AD or later.

Best wishes


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