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Please believe whatever you will and I will bow to your superior knowledge
and insight. Afterall it is possible that Earl William St Clair and his
building of Rosslyn Chapel
is simply the product of my deluded and addled brain. Perhaps our deep
investigative reporters from whatever video company it was were correct and
the ghosts of the Knights Templar came back from the dead and built that
holy place more than one hundred years after it was first documented - maybe
pigs can fly - however, the truth is far more fascinating and infinitely
more useful than fiction or fantasy..

If you have evidence - irrespective of whether or not it might convince me -
please publish it 

Now I know why this statement 
rubs me the wrong way. And many other statements. 
It's this statement of "...publish it...." I believe some here
may be "coming from" and approaching all interactions here with 
this "publishing" mentality. I don't publish. I've never 
written any books. I don't feel I have the time or the 
skill to do so. I have great admiration for any, 
including Tim, who have this skill. But the part that 
rubs me the wrong way is that if I can't take the time 
to research, take the time to write, then I should just 
keep my silly fantasies to myself. Is this group open to 

and let it stand up to public and peer-group scrutiny,
after all my 'rubbish' is there for all to see. If you do put it forward for
examination instead of just criticising other people's work, then I will be
most happy to read and examine it and comment kindly.


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