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Re: the TRUTH

Dear Tim,

Sorry, maybe my last message was a little too heated,
but I still think that you expect too much of certain
evidence. I have absolutely no superior knowledge or
insight and I don't say your opinions are rubbish or
so. What I do say is that you are bringing your (maybe
correct) opinion in a certain dominant way, so that
that opinion is the only possibility. Maybe I didn't
understand your messages correctly, but at least it
comes dominant over to me.

Best regards,

Jean de St. Sigeron

--- Tim Wallace-Murphy
<tim@templartim.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> Dear Jean,
> Please believe whatever you will and I will bow to
> your superior knowledge
> and insight. Afterall it is possible that Earl
> William St Clair and his
> building of Rosslyn Chapel
> is simply the product of my deluded and addled
> brain. Perhaps our deep
> investigative reporters from whatever video company
> it was were correct and

[ Excess quotations omitted. ]


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