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So? What is Truth? Perception?

There was, and I say was - the organization of the Knights Templar,
purely and only that. That organization has ended.  The organization of
Speculative Free Masonry adopted some of the ideals as they saw them of
the Knights Templar and incorporated them into their organization. These
two things may be considered truth.
If you follow the comings and goings of Prince Michael of Albany, you
may know, that for a price, he will make you a Knight of the Temple.
>From a picture of the accolade, there are men dressed for the 'show' and
the 'esquire' is shown kneeling and receiving the accolade from Prince
Michael.  He has even dubbed a woman from Massachusetts, who considers
herself to now be a Knight of the Temple. This has cost her several
thousand American Dollars.  The show that Prince Michael performs looks
as if it is in Roslyn Chapel, can't tell really from the pictures.
Another person who paid for this act is a gentleman of Florida who
matriculated the MacTavish of Dunardry and is now the Chief thereof. His
pictures are on line. If you want to find him I am sure his website is
still up, or go to Gathering of the Clans, MacTavish site. There has
been a long sqabble as to whether either of these people are actually
"Templars" in the sense of the "Templars" of the time of the crusades.
Neither is a Mason, a "Member of the Craft".
Now that 'throws the cat among the pidgeons'!
There are among the gentlemen who 'talk' here, active members of Free
Masonry. There is, I believe I have 'spoken' with him, a gentleman who
is presently pursuiing the York Rite as it is now called and may be able
to speak with more authority than a daughter of man who pursued the York
Rite many years ago. I have great respect for those who follow all the
steps. I believe it is more than a show piece of kneeling before a man
to whom you pay big bucks to receive an empty rite, without study,
understanding or sense of obligation. Sally

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