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Cock o the North

The 'official Sinclair tune is a pipe tune
Spaidsearachd Mhic nan Cearda  (The Sinclair's March)

The Cock of the North is associated with the Gordon Highlanders.  You can
not get more Sinclair connection than that, look at the past regimental
commanders.  You will discover why our current chief was born in Burma.

The song is also used by various English football clubs.  The English
standard bred fall racing meeting in the North east of England is called the
Cock o the North Meeting

The Lyrics for Cock o The North

Cock Of The North

Oh cock of the north
with the dream in your hand
my love has come home
to this beautiful land
and he comes through the door
with his eyes like the sun
and his kit´s bags are full
of the treasures he´s won

And below the old broom
there´s a tall luggin´s tail
a bat and a crow
and the jaws of a whale
and our kitchen is full
with the smell of the sea
and all of the richness
my love brings to me

Come gather your treasures
by our gardens and rooms
and bring them along
to the sweet little blooms
with the sun in the morning
and blaze on your chest
oh my love has come home
from north by northwest

And here in these beds
we will lay and we´ll sleep
yes, we´ll lay and we´ll listen
to the sounds of the deep
and as long as the summer
we´ll sleep winter long
oh my love has come home
like King Salomon´s son

You can hear the tune at http://www.leeds.ac.uk/music/Info/RRTuneBk


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