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Re: Roslin Chapel/Hiram Key

Good Morning Sinclair List,

I feel I should introduce myself.  I joined your List about a month ago and
have enjoyed reading all your postings.  They are very stimulating. I am
Andrew R. Jackson living in Indiana, USA. Andy if you please.

I wish to ask where the idea that Sir William lead the Knights Templars at
Bannockburn?  I know of "NO" such information written in "history".  This is
not to say he was not there or led the KTs, however where or is it written.

What is buried under Rosslyn Chapel?  No one really knows.  The Grand Lodge
of Scotland (Freemasons) have published a small account written some 200+
years ago by a Rosslyn Chapel care taker.  It is available at Grand Lodge's
web site.  You do not need to be a member to buy the booklet. They have only
published 1000 copies. Interesting reading. Not many booklets left for sale.

Rosslyn is a interesting Scottish village.  I visited Scotland two months
ago and enjoyed the Scottish experience.  I hope to return next summer and
also in the fall of 2003.

Someone ask if there are alters within Rosslyn Chapel or where did they go.
The alters were removed during the Reformation in 1592.  Today the Chapel is
a operating Church with a new alter as well as being open to the public.
Above the Visitors Center is many historical items and pictures.

Here are some other events and dates related  to the Chapel:
1484 Building stopped when William died at the age of 90.
1650 Cromwell stabled horses.
1736 Windows glazed for the first time.
1823 Queen Victoria visited.
1862 Chapel rededicated for worship.
1998 Visitor center opened by H.R.H Prince Charles.

Much has been written about this wonderful Chapel in the last few years.
Some not so accurate as it should be written or believed.

I bid you all a good day and best holiday wishes,

Grand Lodge of Indiana F. & A. M.
Scottish Rite Valley of Indianapolis
Grand Standard Bearer, Knights Templar of Indiana
William Sinclair Masonic Research Group at Rosslyn
Jewels of the Craft, Study and Collectors Circle, United Kingdom
Life member, Royal Order of Scotland
Life member, Philalethes Research Society
Life member, Scottish Rite Research Society, Washington DC
Life member, Rosslyn Chapel Association at Rosslyn, Scotland

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> It was Sir William Sinclair who led the Knights at Bannockburn see
> http://sinclair.quarterman.org/history/med/battleofbannockburn.html I like
> to find out how 'Prince' Henry became a Prince.
> Sinclair

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