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James Draper St. Clair

Does anyone have genealgy information on James Draper St. Clair?

James was president Nixon's lawyer for watergate.  All that I have

He was 80 years old when he died in Boston, Massachusetts- he was born
in Akron, Ohio.

This is from an article in the Boston Globe.

He was apparently a true St. Clair: ---
(From the Globe article) - - "In a field in which the most successful
are often the most brash, St. Clair was known for his uncommon
combination of civility and tenacity".

"St. Clair's reputation for providing dispassionate service, while
bringing an air of white-thatched integrity into the courtroom, led
Nixon to choose him as the lead counsel for Watergate matters in January

Who were his parents?  When was he born?  Was he married?  Did he have
any children?

Thanks for any info that I can get.

Neil St. Clair (Nova Scotia)