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Helping a Sinclair find a sister

Hello Sinclair's,
My name is Kathy and I think I have a task for the Sinclair Discussion List.  I had been checking out the Ancestry.com web site this evening and found the following message posted by a France Porter.
"Raymond Sinclair, adopted at about 3 yrs. old, was living in a foster home in S.F. CA, thinks he remembers having a natural older sibling, a sister.  We are wondering if anyone out there remembers a cute  3 yr. old brother with big red curls in his hair, and retro 70's back then.  He was adopted out of the nasty foster home and then moved up north with our family.  I  don't have any info on his natural sister, but would appreciate any info.  Raymond is now 30 yrs. old and still very sweet. I know , I grew up with him after I was adopted into the family.  But blood is thicker and he needs to know if his memory of a older sibling was right.  Please help!
Thanks in advance! Frances"
Since this message reaches out over the world, I could not think of a better place to help search for  Raymond's sister and  hope there is a Sinclair out there than can help out.  Frances (the adopted sister) can be reached at franjackmax@yahoo.com
Happy Thanksgiving to all
Kathy Sinclair Trappen