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Dear Sinclair Discussion Group:

I have a new article appearing in the Jan/Feb 2002 issue of Atlantis
Rising Magazine, a magazine that I know at least some of you are
interested in since it has in the past published many articles on
Templars, pyramids, archaeoastronomy, etc.

The magazine prepublishes its entire contents as FREELY downloadable PDF
files, and the PDF file of this particular issue is available NOW.

My article mentions several Sinclairs, and also mentions our own Tim
Wallace-Murphy.  I was limited to 2,500 words, so the article is far
from complete, but will have to do in the meantime.  I've noticed some
glitches (they've dropped some quotation marks and some bullets at the
beginnings of a few paragraphs) that I hope will be corrected in the
printed issue.  But perhaps it's just my own "font problem," who knows

In any case, hope you find it interesting.

I will eventually post the article on my website http://www.jnisbet.com
but not until the magazine is off the newsstands.

If you would like to read the article, click on the following link and
download the PDF file for Issue 31.  My article begins on page 32.


All Best!


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