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Sinclair/Masonic/American Connections

Greetings to the clan;
The following message was just passed on to me and while the time mentioned is for the Eastern Time Zone and those with access to the History Channel, it is a program well worth checking out and will perhaps cover some of those issues we communicate about.
Neil Sinclair Toronto/PEI/Argyll


Here is news  of a very educational and worthwhile television
which should be of  interest to every Mason and every member of his family.
The program is called  "Mr. Dreyfuss Goes to Washington" and features famed
Richard  Dreyfuss as the narrator of a fascinating exploration of some of
our most  precious national monuments and historic sites in our nation's
capitol.  Prominently described is the role played by Masons in the
concept, design,  and construction of so many of these famed landmarks; not
just the laying  of
cornerstones. The program is scheduled to be broadcast in prime time on
The History Channel on Monday, November 26th from 9-11 PM, and rebroadcast
Tuesday, November 27th from 1-3 PM. Please spread the word for all
Masons,members of their families, friends and prospective members to view
this program. It is a wonderfully patriotic film,especially meaningful in
this time of war against those who threaten our way of life.

You will  also be interested to know that a 35 minute version of this video
will be  broadcast to 100,000 schools across the nation in January. More
details on  this to follow. The film was produced by Richard Dreyfuss, and
R..W.. Akram  Elias, a member of the Grand Line of The Grand Lodge of
Washington D.C.,  and the Washington D.C. Grand Lodge is one of the
sponsors of the  project.