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Bleeding angel icon at Rosslyn Chapel

Tuesday 20th November

Dear Clan Sinclair

I recently came across an article by Ward Ginn on the bleeding angel in the sacristy of Rosslyn Chapel and thought I would offer up a possible explanation.

What I am about to say is probably going to sound very hard to believe and as such I am not asking you to accept the suggestion that I make. You should certainly doubt my explanation.

In offering an explanation I have to tell you a story – I hope that you will not mind listening.

Just over 6 years ago I read a book entitled ‘The Reappearance of the Christ and the Masters of Wisdom’ by Scottish born artist Benjamin Crème. Have you heard of him? For the last 25 years Benjamin Crème has been lecturing globally on an event, which if it true, is probably the biggest event in human history. He claims that an extraordinary group of spiritual teachers, known esoterically as the Masters of Wisdom, are now returning to the world to help humanity with our most pressing problems in all departments of life – political, social, economic, religious, scientific etc.

Mr Crème’s information is continued and derived form the Theosophical teachings of H.P. Blavatsky (published 1875 – 1890) and the writings of Alice A Bailey (written between 1919 – 1949). These teachings are in essence a synthesis of science, religion and philosophy. Blavatsky, Bailey and now Crème have all made the claim to be in contact with one or other of these Masters or ‘immortals’, who reputedly make up the 5th kingdom in nature – in Christian terminology the Kingdom of God (esoterically known as the Spiritual Hierarchy or Kingdom of Souls). These Masters are said to have existed for countless millennia and govern the life of humanity – very rarely coming out into the open world, but working esoterically behind the scenes, through various men and women in the world. (Similar to the Knights Templar who were reputed to be in possession of secret doctrine that was passed on to a suitable candidate or initiate).

At the head of this group of Masters is an individual called the Lord Maitreya, who is the Teacher awaited by all religious groups under different names – The Christ, The Fifth Buddha, Krishna, Kalki avatar or the Messiah depending on one’s particular belief.

Mr Crème claims that Maitreya and a number of his ‘disciples’ (the Masters) are now in the world and will soon be seen and known for who and what they are. Probably the best known Master is the historical figure Jesus, now known as the Master Jesus.

One of the ‘signs’ of the Masters gradual emergence into the world is the growing occurrence of  ‘miracles’. Over the last decade miracles have been growing in abundance, for example:

- Weeping and bleeding icons of Christ and the Virgin Mary
- Visions of the Madonna  
- Radiant ‘crosses of light’ appearing all over the world
- Hindu milk miracle in 1995 (a sign for Hindus that a ‘great soul’ had descended)
- Birth of a red heifer in Israel (this has not happened for nearly 2000 years and many Jews see this as a sign that the Messiah will soon return)
- Birth of a white buffalo calf in America (since 1992, 4 white buffalo calf have been born in America. The odds of a single calf being born are approximately 10 million to 1. Native Americans see this as a sign that the White Buffalo Calf Woman is returning to heal the earth)
- Encounters with ‘angels’
- Holy messages in fruits and vegetable (Arabic text proclaiming ‘Allah exists’)

The Masters create these miracles to bolster the faith of the faithful and remind us that there is a spiritual connection between humanity and God.

As previously mentioned about six years ago I came across this information. Since that time this unusual story has gradually become my experience, although it was not until I was well over 90% convinced of it’s validity that I went ‘public’ with this information. I recently contacted Mr Crème to ask him if the bleeding angel at Rosslyn Chapel was a genuine miracle – apparently the angel really did bleed and furthermore the Master Jesus manifested this bleeding.

I hope that you will not find this suggestion offensive but I thought you would like to know.

If you would like to make any comments or have any questions then I would be glad to receive them.

Yours sincerely

Cameron Pirie

E-mail: cameronpirie@hotmail.com

P.S. There is a web-site with up to date information on the emergence of the Masters. Please visit www.shareintl.org for further information.


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